Program Summary

Population Health and Policy
Tagline: Enhancing Health Equity and Quality: Populations and Policies

Pathways/Credits (cr)
*BS to PhD – 81 cr
MS to PhD –  60 cr
*At 30 credits can apply for MS

Class Format
In person and blended

Class Dates
Mondays, Wednesdays

Moving to 5 electives model

Comprehensive/Qualifying Examination
Written comprehensive exam after completion of ALL course work other than a proposal prep course NU791: 2 papers in publishable format (one conceptual, one methodological) linked to program objectives – students have 4 weeks to complete: Chair and second reader chosen by student; one standard reader to maintain fair process.  Oral examination follows written exam

Traditional Chapter Dissertation

Dissertation Committee
All have interdisciplinary member – often outside UMASS system

Number of PhD Students in the Program over the past 5 years

Time to graduation over the past 5 years
MS to PhD 4.5 years
BS to PhD 5.5 years